Cross-platform Game Development for .NET


The Ultraviolet Framework is a free, open-source, cross-platform, .NET-based game development library targeted towards hobbyists and independent developers, particularly those with a background using Microsoft's XNA Framework. It is designed to allow low-level control over the architecture of your game's engine while still providing all of the power and expressiveness of managed languages like C# — without making unnecessary compromises on performance.

Ultraviolet also includes a powerful framework for creating user interfaces, the Ultraviolet Presentation Foundation. UPF has a modern, highly flexible design based on Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation, making it possible to build even complex interface components with relative ease. We want you to spend less time on tedious interface wiring so you can spend more time working on your game!

Need a new feature? Not satisfied with the list of supported platforms? Help us make Ultraviolet better by posting an issue on GitHub, or even better — become a contributor!