v2018.10 Released


  • Added bidirectional implicit conversion operators between Vector2, Vector3, Vector4, Quaternion, Matrix, and their equivalent types from the System.Numerics.Vectors package.


  • Added a new NuGet package, Ultraviolet.ImGuiViewProvider. This package, intended as a simpler alternative to Ultraviolet.Presentation, allows an Ultraviolet application to use the immediate-mode Dear ImGui library for constructing user interfaces.


  • FIX: The SetData() methods on IndexBuffer and VertexBuffer now correctly support all valid types.
  • FIX: Fix for caching behavior in OpenGL effect parameters when using array types.
  • Made changes to the TextShaper API:
    • Removed GuessUnicodeProperties() method.
    • Removed Length property.
    • Added SetUnicodeProperties() method.
    • Added GetUnicodeProperties() method.
    • Added RawLength property.
  • Added SourceIndex property to ShapedChar structure.
  • Added SetRawData() method to Texture2D, Texture3D, VertexBuffer, IndexBuffer, and Surface2D classes.