v2018.12 Released


  • There are now Xamarin.Mac Modern versions of all Ultraviolet assemblies, as well as corresponding NuGet packages. A new compatibility shim, Ultraviolet.Shims.macOSModern, has also been provided for this use case.


  • Fixed a bug causing a crash on .NET Core 3.0 Preview.
  • The VertexFormat enumeration has been renamed to VertexElementFormat.
  • The VertexUsage enumeration has been renamed to VertexElementUsage.
  • Added the Name property to VertexElement. This property can be set using an optional parameter in the constructor. If specified, it will override the default name used for the vertex element in shaders.
  • Numerous fixes and improvements to text rendering.


  • The TextEditor control now supports text shaping via the TextOptions.TextRenderingMode attached property.