v2018.02 Released

Version 2018.02 of the Ultraviolet Framework has been released and the binaries are now available on NuGet.



  • A new implementation of the Audio subsystem, built on FMOD, is now available for use.
    • BASS remains the default implementation.
    • The SelectAudioImplementation() method has been added to UltravioletConfiguration so that you can easily choose which implementation you want to use.
    • The FMOD and BASS implementations are (read: should be) functionally identical, but the underlying libraries have different licenses. Choose an implementation based on which license you prefer.
  • Added the EnumerateAudioDevices() method to IUltravioletAudio.
  • Added the PlaybackDevice property to IUltravioletAudio.
  • The selected playback device is now saved as part of the Ultraviolet audio settings.


  • In content manifests, you can now specify a generic type in the form SomeType{ArgType1, ArgType2}. For example, you can refer to a generic list of string as System.Collections.Generic.List{System.String}.
  • On Android, the new UsePlatformSpecificFileSource() method will allow Android assets to be used as Ultraviolet's file source.


  • FIX: Adjusted output of Roslyn compiler for better compatibility with Xamarin mobile platforms.