v2018.05 Released


  • Added setters to the Location and Size properties of the Rectangle, RectangleF, and RectangleD structures (thanks Scellow).


  • Windows are now hidden until the first frame is about to be rendered, preventing the user from seeing an unpainted window (thanks Scellow).
    • This behavior can be overridden by setting the WindowIsShownImmediately property when configuring the Ultraviolet context.


  • Added the uvassetlist command line utility for generating asset lists.
  • Added support for pregenerated asset lists to improve loading times.
    • Add the list to the root of your project as an embedded resource in order to make use of this feature.


  • FIX: Fixed a crash when attempting to use glTextureStorage2D() on some configurations.
  • By default, Ultraviolet will now use the latest version of OpenGL on desktop platforms.
  • Added the Invalidate() method to RenderTarget2D.
  • Added the VertexPositionNormalTexture structure (thanks Scellow).